For over four decades, the Salman Family has played a pivotal role in real estate, demonstrating excellence in acquiring, developing, and managing value-added properties.

Salman Capital, as the parent company, boasts a portfolio of over 1 million square feet across the tristate of privately owned and managed real-estate investments.

Salman Capital Funding has distinguished itself as a direct lender with in-house approvals, specializing in private lending. Guided by decision-makers Maor, Orel, and Nathanel Salman, we prioritize delivering swift and efficient solutions for real estate investors. More than financiers, we focus on white glove service, actively cultivating profound relationships, and assisting clients in realizing their goals. At Salman Capital Funding, our legacy is rooted in family values, unparalleled expertise, and an unwavering commitment to the success of our clients.

About Us