Real Estate Broker Partnership Program

Do you work with real estate investors? Experience faster real estate closings by partnering with Salman Capital Funding.

Work Directly with the Decision Makers

Our unique advantage lies in utilizing our own capital, giving us the ability to offer tailored financing solutions without the constraints of credit committees or investors.

We Specialize in Real-estate

Our unique ability to understand property puts us in the investor's shoes. We're creative and flexible, so we know how to make a good deal work.

Broker Protection

We priorities our relationships and protect our brokers. We give brokers the confidence that they will always be the primary contact point for their borrowers. Our professional approach ensures that the broker-client relationship remains intact, fostering trust and mutual success.

Dedicated Broker Portal

We have created a dedicated broker portal that provides complete transparency for all your clients' loans, conveniently in one place. We ensure you're well-informed at every stage of the process, keeping you in the loop and providing the support you need.

Experience faster closings by partnering with us

At Salman Capital Funding, we understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to real estate closings.

Your trusted partner in real estate financing

As a family-owned company with ownership of over 1 million sq. ft. of real estate properties, we understand the borrower’s needs. Your clients can benefit from our short-term bridge and long-term DSCR loans, designed to fuel their real estate businesses

Our short-term bridge loans are tailored to help your clients purchase and rehab investment properties swiftly. With the ability to cover up to 100% of construction costs, your clients seize lucrative opportunities in the market. Furthermore, our expedited 1-week closing will make sure your clients never miss out on a deal  

For long-term financing, choose our flexible terms and enjoy the lowest rates in the industry. We provide loans for properties of 1-25 units, offering a 30-year term and a DSCR as low as 1.00%.  

  • Mortgage Brokers are protected
  • Mortgage Brokers friendly
  • No income verification
  • Fast approvals and closings
  • Flexible options to meet your clients needs
  • Collateral based lending
  • Interest only terms